Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's Right : Celebrating the Good in My Life : February 20

Current Infatuation
My obsession of the week is with banners. You know, like little paper banners or fabric buntings. They're everywhere these days, and so, of course, I've had to try my hand at making some. My crocheted bunting isn't finished just yet, but I did throw one together using some spring-y colored mandalas (see photo above, which also includes one of my many recent crochet projects). Such a cute and easy way to add life to an undecorated space, a kids room, or what have you. Love them!

Food & Drink
I've not eaten ketchup for a year. Not because I haven't wanted to, but basically because I haven't eaten anything I could have with ketchup! But recently we found some gluten free battered cod that we now make every once in awhile, and guess what, I've found some yummy gluten free ketchup to go with it — Annie's Naturals Organic Ketchup. Yippee! I guess it's the small things that get me excited these days, but when you take for granted what you eat every day and then completely change your diet, you start to miss the little things! 

Having Fun With
I've been messing around with watercolors this week. I'm having fun painting little sketches I've made. Most likely none of these will ever see the light of day, but that's okay with me — I like having little experimental projects lined up for when I have the extra time just to try something new...

Tuned In To...
Florence + the Machine. Where have I been for the last few years to completely miss this band? I mean, they've not even been on my radar at all! That is until sometime last week when I saw a part of their acoustic set on tv, and now they have been playing in our house daily ever since! I've been listening to their Ceremonials album and also their MTV unplugged album, but I have yet to explore the rest of their work — so looking forward to it!

On Our TV
Tim and I started watching the Showtime show Shameless a few nights ago. It's kind of quirky and strange but not so much so that it isn't still engaging. The show stars William Macy as a drunken father of six children and Joan Cusak as an agoraphobic. We're only a couple episodes into the first season, but I'm thinking that we'll hang in there for the long run.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's Right: Celebrating the Good in My Life Right Now

Current Infatuation
Now is the time for spring cleaning! I've been infatuated with cleaning out, organizing, clearing space, and generally just straightening up the house. Alex and I are the pack rats of the family. Tim is proud of the fact that if push came to shove, he could run out the door with a small bag in his hand and live happily ever after with the few items it contained. But, Alex and I just aren't cut from the same mold as Tim — we like our stuff. Well, that's all fine and good, but there comes a time when some of it just has to go, and does that ever feel good! Nothing makes me happier than seeing plenty of empty space in a closet.

Food & Drink
Back when I started the elimination diet last February, nuts were my go-to snack. When I began adding foods back into my diet, I came to the realization that gluten had to go. Sad story because all the nuts I was buying from Whole Foods were potentially gluten contaminated. Then, thanks to Tim, I found and the sun is once again shining — lots of gluten free foods to pick from, not just nuts! The web site is super easy to use and I've always gotten my order in two days. And, like I said last week about the Chobani packaging, has the cutest packages (see photo above), plus they send me a little free sampler each time. I think they are my new best friends. :)

Tim has been such an inspiration for me these days. He works so hard creating custom solutions for businesses, keeping his clients happy, getting new clients, and juggling projects that he wants to do for himself. Now that he has been doing all of those things and working on his up-coming book (due to be published this summer, yay!), he's had an even more difficult juggling act. Yes, he has his share of meltdowns, but still manages to take a walk with me at lunch time. So lucky to have him in my life.

Tuned In To…
Dave Matthews Band. I can't seem to go anywhere without Dave these days. He's in my car, on Pandora, and on Rdio. Under the Table and Dreaming is still my favorite album, but I have to say, Grace is Gone is my latest favorite song from the band. 

On My Nightstand
This week, I'm rereading The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David J. Schwartz. The Course in Miracles says: "There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not harder or bigger than another. They are all the same." Since you are working towards a goal anyways, why not shoot for the stars instead of something one rung above where you are right now? But Schwartz warns you not to confuse wishful thinking with a true belief in yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals. Well worth the read.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Inspiring Sites to Visit

Today I'd like to share some inspiring sites that I visit frequently for a little pick me up, a positive thought, or for eating tips and wellness information.

Positively Positive
This web site is a lovely way to stay focused on what really matters. It's a daily gentle reminder to treat yourself and others with love and kindness and to maintain a positive attitude. Many amazing folks write articles for this site, like Danielle LaPorte and Dr. Lissa Rankin. I like to visit Positively Positive in the morning to help me get my day started off on the right foot.

Kris Carr
Although she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer several years ago, Kris Carr's attitude and aura are gloriously upbeat and positive. Her web site is a great place to go for vegan and gluten free recipe ideas as well as tips for eating and staying healthy.

Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Hyman is a bestselling author, speaker, and functional medicine guru who I credit with putting me on the path to wellness.  His blog posts on Huffington Post and on his own web site provide invaluable wellness information on diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. And while you're surfing around, check out his TED speech, it is well worth it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Right

Do you ever get tired of people asking "What's Wrong?" It seems we learn at a very early age that small talk is typically about the complications of life, what isn't working, and what's causing us grief rather than the good stuff. So I'm instituting What's Right on Wednesdays to turn that idea on its ear. These will be posts celebrating what's right in my life, what is working, and what makes me happy, because those are the things worth talking about.

I got the idea from the lovely Wendy Polling over at her blog. I found myself so intrigued by her In My Studio lists, that I couldn't help but borrow the idea. Thanks Wendy. 

Current Infatuations
I've been crocheting my little fingers off lately. I think the cat thinks he is in heaven with all that yarn everywhere.  So what have I whipped up, you ask? I crocheted a cute little pair of boot cuffs, a thin (but chunky scarf), a couple little bowls to felt, and some fun little spring-y flowers that I am going to use in a different project. So. Much. Fun! 

Food & Drink
I'm loving Chobani yogurt with all my heart these days. I'd been eating Coconut Milk yogurt for about a year but just wasn't loving it. So a few weeks ago as I was exploring the yogurt section of the grocery store, I saw Chobani's yogurts. Can I just say, Yum? They are so thick and creamy and just plain yummy, there is really no other word for it! They have a huge selection of flavors that I am exuberantly taste-testing each morning. And, isn't it so much more satisfying when the contents are just as scrumptious as the pretty packaging?  Love that!

Tim, Alex and I went to see David Wilcox perform at Ashland Coffee & Tea a few nights ago. Tim and I have gone to 7 or 8 different shows of David's , and it is always so inspiring for me to see him. He truly is such a gifted singer, songwriter, and musician, and I find it so uplifting to see him continuing to do what he so clearly loves. Reminder to self: You can do what you love.

Tuned In To...
Tim and I were and still are big fans of Pandora, but recently we decided to sign up for a joint account on I'm still getting the hang of it, but (and this is a big but), the beauty of Rdio is that you can listen to entire albums and not fall victim to the Random Song That So Obviously Doesn't Fit in With the Vibe You're Going For type of situation. So what am I listening to today? BellX1: Bloodless Coup.

On My Nightstand
Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation by Sanaya Roman. I've had this book for years and years and pull it out just about every year to re-read it. I feel so strongly about this book that I use as a manual for creating the life I want to live. There is no chapter that is unnecessary, they all contain pearls of wisdom. A must-read if you haven't already read it!

On Our TV
Ok, I'll admit it, we're Netflix addicts. Tim says it's because we can't control ourselves and have to watch an entire series season in one sitting. That may be a slight exaggeration, but I say it's because we don't have to deal with any commercials. So our latest obsession is House of Cards. I believe this is the first series created by Netflix for Netflix and what a surprise! The series follows a Congressman (Kevin Spacey), his wife (Robin Wright), and a young reporter (Kate Mara) through the ins and outs of Washington politics. The cast is wonderful and the episodes have been terrific -- not quite up to Breaking Bad's standards but better than Homeland. Tim and I are hooked and can't wait to see the next "season". One awesome thing about this series, all the episodes were released at once, so you don't have to wait a week to see the next one. 

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