Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mandala Animations Available on iTunes

I'm very happy to announce that my latest mandala animations, Mandala Meditations, are now available on iTunes. I've developed a new form of my moving art especially for the iPod video. These newest animations are similar to those that I've been creating, except they are only one minute in length and they are set to music created by my husband, Tim.

These meditations (as well as the regular moving art animations) work best if you have a quiet area where you know no one will disturb you. Before watching the meditation, take a few moments to quiet yourself and breathe deeply. As you breathe, feel as though warm water is running down your body releasing any tension you may be holding there. Pay particular attention to your face, jaws, neck and shoulders, since many of us tend to carry stress in those areas.

I've made Mandala Meditations available as a podcast so that you can take them with you where ever you want to go. Now there's no reason not to meditate, even if it's only for a minute!

To view the newest animations, you can either visit my moving art page and click on the image, or you can visit iTunes directly by clicking here. If you subscribe to the podcast, you will be notified every time a new meditation is released.

If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or contact me via the contact page on my site.

Friday, June 15, 2007

New Fractal: Song of Summer

Song of Summer Fractal
Frequently, it seems to me, fractal art is not considered art unless the colors are subdued and desaturated. I feel as though I've bought into that belief a bit myself. But, now that summer is here and it is hot and humid, I feel as though an infusion of color is needed to liven things up a bit.

I created this fractal image by starting with the Eternal Sunshine image. I then reworked many of the layers and masking layers, adding and deleting until I was happy with this new image.

I also created a desktop picture for this image which features both the large red spiral and the large blue spiral side by side. But I guess you will have to take my word on this one because I still haven't gotten my desktop pictures page up and running! ;)
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